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The Intensive Technologies company produces agricultural machines for feeding and keeping livestock under the trademark "HOST". By bringing together modern technologies and the experience of leading European manufacturers, taking into account the peculiarities of operation in our geographical and economic conditions, the company creates reliable and irreplaceable equipment that works 365 days a year. The company is a leader in the CIS in the production of trailed equipment for agriculture in the segment of forage harvesting machines and semi-trailers for agriculture; the share in the Russian market is more than 40%.
Under the trademark "HOST" are produced: feed dispensers of horizontal and vertical types; distributors-straw blowers for bedding cattle; semi-trailers for the transportation of agricultural goods; organic fertilizer spreaders. Over 20 years of successful operation, more than 7000 units of equipment have been delivered to the farms of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.
214014, Smolensk, st. Smolyaninova, d. 5, Module Ocean
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