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ALVID в электронном каталоге экспортеров и экспортно-ориентированных компаний Смоленской области.
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The Company produces extruded aluminum profile, including according to individual drawings of the customer, on high-tech automated equipment of foreign production. Profiles are made of alloys AD31, 6060, 6063 in accordance with the requirements of GOST 8617-81, GOST 22233-2001. Also, at the request of the customer, it is possible to produce a profile from other deformable alloys.
The weight of the linear meter of the profile is up to 9 kg. The maximum diameter of the circumscribed circle is up to 200 mm, width up to 240 mm (thin profile). The length of the profile is from 2 to 8 m, cutting to the extent required by the customer. The company also produces a wide range of furniture profiles with a wide variety of surface treatment options.
214032, Smolensk, st. Lavochkina, 100
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