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LLC "Elizaveta+" is one of the TOP-5 The Russian company in the TOP-5 of bread manufacturers. The products are supplied to the domestic market both under private TM and under their own trademarks – “Elizaveta+”, “Elizabeth”, “Fitress”, in particular, our main product “Wafer Bread Elizaveta” is well-known in the country. This product first appeared in our country in 1999 At that time there was still no clear notion of “wafer bread” and consumer culture of that product among the general public. We were one of the pioneers in the production of wafer bread and crispbread in Russia, including the formation of a culture of its consumption. Both wafer bread and crispbread are loved and enjoyed by the general population at this moment. This segment of market continues to be in positive growth over the last few years.
Production technology, organoleptic indicators, diabetic properties of our products are significantly different from our competitors in the direction of unique qualities which allows us for many years to meet the expectations of our regular customers and attract new ones, including through the expansion of the range.
Production is equipped with modern automated, high-performance equipment, developed by the custom order of the company in Germany and Italy. The technological process of production fully complies with all the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR TS 021/2011 "On food safety". Quality of product and production safety is confirmed by the international quality certificate FSSC: 22000, which includes the existing ISO standards and HACCP regulatory principles. The product is composed from only natural Ingredients, no yeast, preservatives or dyes. A careful selection of suppliers of raw materials, our own laboratory carries out tests and analysis for compliance with the stated standards of both raw materials and finished product. OCC (quality control department) controls the output at all stages, from the moment raw materials arrive, until the finished product is shipped from the company's warehouse. Our product is unique in its appearance, During its short history of existence on the market, our company has achieved a presence in all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as abroad: in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Georgia, Moldova, Israel and China. Today the product range includes 26 positions, which are updated annually.
214011, Smolensk, st. Gubenko d. 26
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